Is Sean Payton going to be in New Orleans in 2012?

On Sunday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Sean Payton’s contract extension was voided by the league, making him a coach free agent. It’s no different than a player hitting the free agency market, teams call you, you go meet with them, and you get to decide where you want to go. 

Many analysts have speculated that Payton may go to Dallas, because of his roots there, and the fact that he owns a house there. It could be a good fit. Payton brought this team from nothing, to going to the NFC Championship. Then of course, winning Super Bowl XLIV over the Colts. 

Could Payton do the same thing he did in New Orleans to Dallas? He would have a good quarterback in Tony Romo, a great wide receiving core -Miles Austin, Jason Witten, Dez Bryant -and a beast at running back, DeMarco Murray. (When healthy)

Where else could Payton go? He could go to a talent-filled Chargers team, that really needs help. Payton could bring back the Philip Rivers of 2010, when he threw for a league leading 4,710 yards. Washington is also a very tempting location. I think it would be very fun to coach and teach Robert Griffin III. There’s many other teams that may be interested in Sean Peyton: Cleveland, Cincy, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Carolina, Tennessee, Oakland, and, of course, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Overall, I think that Sean Payton will stay with the Saints. He has a great relationship with the Saints GM and owner, and Drew Brees. Unless some team can offer him a lot of money, (Cowboys) an array of talent, (Cowboys) and nowhere to go but up, (Cowboys) I believe he will stay with the Saints.

"Everyone just shut up. Let’s get to Work."
— Kobe Bryant

Here are my Week 9 NFL Predictions:

Denver Broncos 21 Cincinnati Bengals 17

Peyton Manning was amazing against the Chargers… For one half. Most people will only notice that he brought the Broncos back from a 24-0 lead at halftime, but I see that the Broncos do not start very well. I think the Bengals will take the early lead, but in the end Peyton Manning will throw for 300 yards for the fifth straight game.

Baltimore Ravens 17 Cleveland Browns 14 F/OT

Don’t sleep on the Cleveland Browns. They beat a very mediocre Chargers team last week, but they didn’t allow them to score a touchdown. When you don’t allow a touchdown to any team, I call that great. Trent Richardson and Joe Flacco will be the deciding factors for this game. If this depleted Ravens defense can hold Trent Richardson, they will win. If Joe Flacco is almost perfect, then the Ravens will win. I wouldn’t be surprised if this game goes either way.

Miami Dolphins 27 Indianapolis Colts 24

This is a must watch game. Ryan Tannehill is not perfect, but not horrible. After watching the Dolphins harass the Jets like a cat with yarn last week, I think that the Dolphins will get the W and go to 5-3. 

Carolina Panthers 0 Washington Redskins 24

RG3 will roll over this Carolina defense and get at least 300 yards passing. Do you want to know why Cam Newton is so bad this year? It’s their running game. When you run out of the shotgun, it’s not going to work. Cam will have 2-3 picks and at least one returned for a touchdown. Unless the Redskins wide receivers drop passes again, this wil lbe a blowout.          

Pittsburgh Steelers 29 New York Giants 31

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the Steelers couldn’t fly into New Jersey until today. I don’t believe this will become a factor, but you never know. Ben Rothelisberger will keep the Steelers in this game all day, but in the end, there will be too much salsa dancing and not enough defense. This will come down to the final play of the game.

Dallas Cowboys 14 Atlanta Falcons 24

The only undefeated team left in the NFL will run over all over the Cowboys at home. Both Julio Jones and Roddy White will play big roles in this game. The Cowboys will try to keep up with the Birds, but in the end, it will be too much.


Oregon going with all-white uniforms for their match-up against USC this weekend.

In James Harden’s first two games as a Houston Rocket, he has scored 37, and 45. Is he a sixth man turned superstar? Or has Harden just had two great games early this season? Against the Atlanta Hawks, Harden scored a career high 45 points, seven rebounds, and two assists. Harden has also gotten the majority of the minutes for Houston. On Halloween, he played 45 minutes and had 37 points. Then on Friday, both him and Jeremy Lin played 40 minutes.

So this brings the question, did the Oklahoma City Thunder make the right move?

You can go either way on this, if you think like me, I didn’t think Harden needed a four year 55 million dollar deals. Then, I almost chocked on my lunch when I saw that him and the Rockets agreed to a five year 80 million dollar deal. 80 million? I guess Rockets fans aren’t complaining. 82 points in two games. I guess that’s what happens when you play the Hawks and the Pistons…

In the words of Stephen A. Smith, James Harden isn’t a scrub, it will just take some time to see if the Thunder front staff aren’t.

Tigers in trouble after Sandoval’s big game

They call him the Kung Fu Panda. Now they will call him a World Series legend.

Pablo Sandoval is a batter who rarely sees a pitch he doesn’t like, found three pitches he loved in the World Series opener and wrote his name along with three of the biggest names in baseball history. 

Ruth. Reggie. Pujols. Pablo. The only four players to hit three home runs in a World Series game.

Here’s the scoop: The first three guys didn’t hit two of them off the reigning best pitcher in the world. The San Francisco Giants beat Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers 8-3, but the score was only secondary to one of the greatest individual performances in World Series history. (Sandoval would later add a line-drive single to finish 4-for-4.)


The staple of Panda’s diet.

"It only takes one shot, one hit, one play to change a game. Or one to screw up and let your team lose."

The University of Wyoming did battle with the Air Force Academy on Saturday, but the real fight almost took place following the game.

Cowboys coach Dave Christensen verbally attacked Air Force coach Troy Calhoun following the game, as you can see here (Warning: video is NSFW due to multiple expletives):

To make matters worse, Saturday’s contest was Military Appreciation Night. Hearing Christensen say things like “Mr. Howdy Doody” to someone with military service is shocking, and word came out on Monday that he will pay for the tirade.

According to Casper Star-Tribune reporter Ben Fredrickson, Christensen has been reprimanded:

Ben Frederickson@Ben_Fred
Dave Christensen has been suspended this week and fined $50,000 for his actions after the Air Force game #MW #gowyo
22 Oct 12
Yahoo! Sports reporter Frank Schwab mentions why Christensen was angry in the first place:

He thought Air Force quarterback Connor Dietz faked an injury near the sideline when he lost his helmet and had to come out of the game, which bought some more time for the Falcons. Air Force backup quarterback Kale Pearson scored the go-ahead touchdown on the next play and the Falcons went on to win.

Disappointing loss or not, it’s clear from the video that the Cowboys coach crosses the line. This goes beyond Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz’s handshake fiasco in the NFL last season. Attacking Calhoun’s military background because of what he deems as questionable ethics is over the line no matter how you cut it.

What do you think?

The punishment was appropriate
He should be suspended longer
People are overreacting
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According to Fredrickson, Christensen will not be on team facilities this week and assistant coach Pete Kaligis will coach the team in his stead. Fredrickson also mentions that Christensen will be reinstated on Sunday.

Obviously emotions run high, especially with a dramatic finish, but coaches are expected to lead by example. Showing that type of emotion doesn’t set a good example for players, fellow coaches, and it makes the school look bad along the way.

Suspending Christensen for his actions isn’t surprising. A worse punishment wouldn’t have been shocking either.

Being a sore loser is one thing, but attacking someone over what sounds like “sour grapes” is childish. Some subjects demand people to tread lightly, and military background is one those things. Picking Military Appreciation Night to go off on Calhoun was both unwise and ridiculous.